About Development

Xero Hour was designed, and programmed, by Justin Bender.

The Doctor Xero original concept art, title screen logo and background, as well as app store icon by Harley K. at Necrographix.

Third Ion original songs featured in the game were composed by myself Justin Bender along with Aaron Edgar, and Mike Young, as well as either Dave Padden or Tyler Gilbert.

Opening theme “Far From Grace” by Matt & Murray Cuthbertson of the killer Canadian metal band Untimely Demise.

Additional music and all sound design by Justin Bender.

Doctor Xero made his debut on the album covers for “13/8Bit” and “Biolith” by the prog metal band THIRD ION, as a love letter to all there is to love about the classic gaming era. Xero’s backstory as an immortal space-faring anti-hero has evolved through the lyrics of several songs on those records, and into planned concept records in the future.