Help the stranded ancient entity known as Dr. Xero escape his 8-bit doom, stranded on a hostile alien world.

XERO HOUR is a complete experience, featuring simple touch controls, and 80’s platforming nostalgia across eighteen levels.


A SCI-FI Adventure coming to ios & AndROID


An homage to the 8-Bit era, Xero Hour is a sci-fi adventure platformer coming to mobile in 2020. As Doctor Xero, an interstellar ancient alien mad scientist, the player crash lands on a hostile planet, and they have to explore to find rare materials to rebuild his ship.


Before he can advance to new areas, he must defend himself against waves of enemies, as players use simple touch controls to charge Doctor Xero’s ion bombs.


Xero Hour aims to merge the simplicity of mobile game mechanics with a level of exploration you’d normally expect to find in a traditional console or pc game.


Traditional control schemes on touch screens just suck. We all know it. It is simply not a good time.


​Control Xero with simple tap and hold – time your weapon launch, jumping, running and swimming to survive!



The Dr. Xero character, designed and illustrated by Harley K at Necrographix, began life in 2014 as the focal art piece of the “love-letter to video games” album covers of the band Third Ion. He’s since been on two album covers, half a dozen shirt designs, a DVD, and has been the subject matter of several Third Ion songs. It was inevitable that he would star in a game of his own. Feel free to reach out on here for more info about the music that inspired the game!


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